Global Sports Sunday 2022

Who is joining?

With Global Sports Sunday we dream of a worldwide day of prayer for the community of sport. Can you image the spiritual impact of that? When the Holy Spirit starts to move within the world of sports, who knows what can happen!?

More than half of the world’s population is influenced by sports participation on a weekly basis. Over 3 billion people watch sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics. The impact of sports on cultures around the world is unmatched. Let’s use this to impact the world with the love of Christ.

On the map below you can see that already more ten countries all over the world are joining the movement. If you want to join, find your country and get in touch with the local partners. If your country is not yet represented please connect with us. Let us now that your praying and let us help you to make your country a part of this global movement.

Who is joining?

Global sports chaplaincy assosiation

Global Sports Sunday is initiated by the GSCA (global sports chaplaincy association). GSCA is a sports chaplaincy organisation that wants to empower and grow sports chaplaincy around the world. They want to work with local churches and with the Global Sports Sunday want to help churches to bridge the gap to local sports communities. If you want to find out more about GSCA you can go and check out their website.

Sport Chaplaincy UK

The GSS project was inspired by one of our founding members, Sports Chaplaincy UK, and their National Sports Sunday celebration. They felt it was good to bring this to the global community, because prayer can bring change.